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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Screw the time, they should just ring once for every degree over sixty the temperature climbs.

Life lately has been fruitful and eventful, but work this morning wasn’t really.

Spent a half hour looking for two files I should have, one of which was necessary for the work I was planning on doing… I figure my boss took it to the project meeting. Irony. Basic irony – was going to do this thing to keep me busy while he was at the meeting.

Listening to my friend Jed’s music this morning reminded me of the great old quote that’s something about how you’ll never be great until you come to terms with being awful for a long, long time. There was a lot of great stuff that he wrote early on, but it was intermittent with a lot of really bad music. It gives me hope.

97x just played a cover by the band Minus Story of the Misfits classic “Hybrid Moments” – sort of an eels-ish / lo-fi / shoegazer thing. Really funny and cool. Cheers to Minus Story and 97x (link below)

It beat the hell out of the acoustic Misfits cover band that my friends Justin and Jed had (and I played with off and on) back in the day. But let me tell you, “Last Caress” as a crooned ballad with acoustic guitar backup is pretty badass.

Today’s the day that the machines take over. Or at least revolt. At least in our office. And at least some of it is my causing.

I’m glad I could be of service to my electrobrained overlords. Homo Sapiens is obsolete.

Long live our great and glorious Server!

One thing about radio that I love is that even if you own (and adore) an album, hearing a good song off of it on the radio can make your day.

Today’s case is Ani Difranco’s “Little Plastic Castle,” from the album named the same.

That was the tour my ex-girlfriend and I saw her on (five years before we got together as a couple) – it was the first of six or seven times I’ve seen her now, and it was life changing for reasons that may be elaborated someday.

Unexpectedly hearing that opening guitar line on 97x (link below) just made a whole lot of emotions flood back – I heard it with ears that understood the time and events that have passed between. It was sublime.

Months and months ago, I went to the Party Source in Newport, KY – the discriminating wino’s choice – and found a bottle of Val Sotillo 1998 that they usually sold for $21.00 on sale for nine. So of course, out of curiosity, I had to try it. So some time later, I finally cracked it open, and had the first glass. I immediately thought I had been burned: tasted so much like graphite that I couldn’t stand it.

I was so bummed that I just left it on the counter uncorked, not fully prepared to just dump it yet; and about three hours later, I was thinking maybe I should try another glass to make sure I really hated it. Well, that’s when the miracle happened in Whoville. Its heart had grown four sizes and it was the best damn glass of wine I’ve ever had.

Bought another bottle after I finished that one swearing that I was going to cellar it. And you know what happens when you swear. I had finished it as well within the week.

Went back to the aforementioned Happiest Place on Earth. They were out. More accurately, there was one bottle left in the computer, but it wasn’t it in the wine storage. It was gone, and I didn’t know where I could get another bottle. I had screwed up, missed my chance to have something I knew to be killer to drop on guests and really make the occasion. I was stuck.

Months intervene, I proceed to drink my way through all cheap 2000 Bordeaux I can find, (making a new best friend in that one) and try various and discrete Italians, even going as far as considering making American Cabernets my new interest. Finally out of boredom, I went back to my old standby Argentine Malbecs, not ever spending more than ten minutes in the wine shop at a time, just grabbing my standbys and jetting back off to wherever.

On an impulse tonight, Chad and I went to the Party Source instead of the usual after work drink and pool game. Wandered around, was showing him to the really great ’02 Protocolo Red that you’d swear they had to steal a truck of to sell at $5.00 a bottle… And I looked down. There it was. lonely… unloved… dusty… the missing bottle of ’98 Val Sotillo had found me.

I won’t let this one slip away. It’s going to be a great occasion when I finally open this stuff.

Working on a neat little modernist house addition right now. Probably one of the more interesting projects I’ll ever get here, so I want to do it right…

“Skull” by Sebadoh on 97x right now, haven’t heard this song in probably five or six years.
nice. Sebadoh is a total remnant of a past life to me, it’s good to reconnect every once in a while with how it was to be sixteen and grasping for anything different you could get your hands on.

Shit, that makes me regret selling all my Guided By Voices so I could eat that one week I was really poor in college (yeah, that one week…). Not as bad as a friend of mine who sold fifty of his sixty KMFDM albums to afford a trip to San Francisco to see a girl. Then again, he’s not with her anymore, and he’s not a sad whiny industrial kid anymore, so I guess sometimes it does all come out in the wash, right?




Just finished the first real run at those interiors I’ve been off and on for the last week.

Now just pending boss’s review.

The old receptionist / “social events coordinator” (aka, drinking buddy) Sarah is coming up for drinks tomorrow night, after being nonexistent for like three months, that’ll be cool.

Rearranged the apartment last night, looks better. Going to finish that and start revising the resume tonight. Still have a bunch of letters to write, but I’ve got those down by now.

Nothing interesting going on otherwise…

Another Sunday in the office, rather enjoying myself, though.

Jawbreaker’s 24 Hour Revenge Therapy playing at about 90db, instead of the usual 30.

[I constantly associate Blake Schwartzenbach bands (Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil) with my great friend Mark, who (I think drunkenly) called my place late last night while I was at my parents’. Miss that asshole and I need to call him back tonight.]

I’m wearing a new black Gap shirt that I found at the outlet store, and I have a fresh bottle of ’02 Protocolo (a six dollar bottle of this will blow away most fifteen dollar wines I’ve ever found) waiting at home.

So I was about to leave a half hour ago, and the interior designer on a project of ours dropped off some redlined drawings, so I’m going to go ahead and do those…

Had a client this morning ask if he were installing and modifying a structural system bought secondhand, would he need a building permit, since the system’s already gotten a permit before.

Wow, I thought I could ask dumb questions.

“Sure man, even though it was originally erected in another state, torn down, transported, modified and installed by your unskilled factory workers, the state would have no problem if you just did it with no inspections or review.As a matter of fact, they’d give you the citizen of the year award and a million dollars for saving them the paperwork and saving yourself the five hundred dollars you’re going to have to spend to get a permit, you cheap…”

I’m truly astounded at the level of singleminded cheapness in this town sometimes.