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Monthly Archives: January 2002

y’know, I just wish there was something to feel. think I’m gonna go sit in the bath and drink beer and read now. mmmm, some talking heads sure wouldn’t hurt that mix. anyone sees this, call and say hey, I’m pretty fucking glassy eyed right now, and some human interaction wouldn’t hurt. okay, late.

man, I’ve been busy as hell lately, so sorry for not updating more. y’know, typical goings on in the life of duane. blah blah blah. oh, my car was broken into. that sucked. my studio instructors are trying to work me to death. and the usual, oh yeah, happy birthday to me and shit. it was a great one, got to stay up all night and do studio work. YAY!!! bye.

aah, the golden shores of her majesty california, how sweet thy breezes, how verdant thy paychecks.

a wholly new situation to take stock of, hearts and other sundries to break, satellite show at 11, news to follow.

now if you’ll excuse me, a shower must be taken…

last night in town.
her napalm smile burning down
sliding like a whisper
under the waves
blonde or brown
last night in town.
broken robots chanting
out of rhythm…
haile selassie…
hare krishna, hare hare…
not for me
broken rhymes
drifting out to sea
blonde bangs falling down
last night in town.

-some more Grolsch
-Margot Tenenbaum
-a little money wouldn’t hurt
-a girl with silver eyes
-a cause
-somewhere to fit in
-to stop dying
-some aspirin
-to be an R&B song
-a backrub would be cool, too
-something to resolve at new year’s
-a dirty, poorly lit place
-maybe some Joy Division and Op Ivy
-Ani to quit pretending
-a little reality. in a cup
-to quit leaving
-wings would be cool
-things without names
-thoughts without words
-a nice windbreaker
-the girl at the table over there
-a good inside joke
-a pet name
-a little more skin
-some good gossip
-Talking Heads on the radio
-for the stories to come true
-maybe a good fantasy
-all the stupid old shit
-something to feel besides the pain

I wanna rest my heavy head tonight
on a bed of California stars
I’d like to lay my weary bones tonight
on a bed of California stars

Woody Guthrie – channeled through Billy Bragg