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Monthly Archives: March 2003

we were looking at the list of candidates for president for the Democratic party, and we decided one thing.

I’m not old enough to BECOME president.

But fuck it. I’m running.

oh, right. I remember.
1. I try to ignore politics as much as I can, usually.
But if there were one time in my life to be politically aware and vocal, this would be it.
2. While up at Evergreen, I realized that politics is nothing more than the way you treat other people. And if the way the rulers of our country are treating the people of Iraq, the SOVEREIGN government of Iraq and the people of America and our RIGHTS like this, then they must not give a shit about about any of us, and are only profiteering off the suffering of the people of Iraq and America.
3. My constant abhorrence of politics has always steeped in the fact that I was raised in a highly politically aware environment, as my father follows politics like most men follow sports. The hopeless state of things made me very cynical to politics. So try to run from them and just live honorably, I have, but every once in a while I have to fall back into it. It’s like going home.

In other news, next year, as much as the thought horrifies me, I am registering Democrat.
And here’s why everyone else who doesn’t like Mr. Bush should.
The Democratic party sucks. true.
I’ve not liked them as a party for as long as I’ve known what the hell they were.
Still don’t. They’re in bed with the people killing our world and damning us to lives of servitude, too.
But you and I know that the only candidate who will have a chance against Mr. Bush will be a Democrat.
So it is in our best interests to pick the best Democratic candidate for the job (or, as modern politics go, “least worst” candidate) in the primaries.
For example, I couldn’t live with myself if I had to vote for Richard Gephardt or Joseph Lieberman in the main election.
So we gotta do our part to choose someone who we can bear to have as president for four plus years…
And it’s sure as not hell gonna be Bush.
So as a longer term goal, of course we have to nurture a new party into prominence. There hasn’t been a new party who’s been viable on a national level since the Republicans originated in the 1850’s.
It’s time for change. But we’ve got more pressing issues to take care of in next year’s election.
That’s why you should register and vote Democratic (at least for president) next year.

It allows me to not worry about tying up the phone while listening to the best radio station in the known world.

Gee, all. Aren’t you glad we live in America where we peaceful people have the right to say what we want and associate with whom we want, a right guaranteed – not given – by the Bill of Rights?

I mean, we’re really lucky that our Congress and President, sworn to uphold this document are honoring that solemn obligation so adamantly.,12271,922632,00.html

p.s., every respect I had for my home is rapidly dissipating in the face all this.
I’m moving to New Zealand.

One of the first two U.S. casualties in Iraq was Jose Gutierrez, an immigrant from Guatemala who lived in California. The 22-year-old Marine lance corporal was killed in ground combat Friday.
An orphan who grew up on the streets while Guatemala was enmeshed in civil war, he found a new family when at age 14 he traveled to the United States by train, foot and bus. He enlisted partly to thank the United States for his new life, said his foster brother, Max Mosquera.
“He joined the Marines to pay back a little of what he’d gotten from the U.S.,” Mosquera said. “For him it was a question of honor.”
The United States suffered its first combat casualty Thursday when a Marine from the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force was shot in the stomach as his company advanced on a burning oil pump station in the Rumeila oil field outside Basra.

Dan Pat Moynihan. Jesus.
Bet you guys probably don’t know what he did for the architecture of the District of Columbia.
Bet you probably don’t know about how he was one of the most well reasoned, intelligent, scholarly and commited Senators of the Twentieth Century.
Bet you don’t know about how great a man he was and how honorable and open to debate he was.

I mean, maybe you don’t know, but I hope you do. Then you’d understand what a giant we just lost. One of the last honorable men in politics is gone. And whether you knew anything about him or not, you will feel his absence.

Go there now. Your freedom depends on it.
or while you’re at it, grab a webstream of Democracy Now! off

“CHARLIE ROSE: Certain questions I want to raise. What I would love to hear you from and what I am hearing is a sense of how you sit there at that microphone and hear this protest against the war and exactly how you see it and what distinctions do the people make. Clearly there is no one who is protesting this war who looks with favor upon Saddam Hussein because he has done violence and has killed men women and children in atrocious means, correct, so everybody is opposed to Saddam Hussein?

AMY GOODMAN: Unfortunately not everyone. Ask Donald Rumsfeld. He should be asked this question. We have the defense secretary who in 1983 and in 1984 went to Baghdad, shook hands with Saddam Hussein, at a time when both the State Department and United Nations had come out with reports saying he had used chemical weapons against Iranian soldiers there was Donald Rumsfeld as Pres. Reagan’s envoy there, sent there to normalize relations with Saddam Hussein. So I think he needs to be asked why he served as the point man to normalize relations to allow for U.S. companies to sell all sorts of support to Saddam Hussein. We have to look at that history and understand how Saddam Hussein was shored up – this dictator – all of these years.”

In other news, the best spring break ever is over. and I get that creeping feeling again, class in an hour. I think this whole anxiety over school thing (because I’m a notoriously bad student) is the source of most of my problems. I think I might even be able to handle LA after I’m outta school. but studio makes me really unsettled, and I think that’s part of the reason I am so bad at it. Downwardly spiraling feedback loop. even when I’m in one I like and am doing well in. Anyway, gonna try to get over it and work my ass of for the rest of the semester and finish stronger than I started.