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Monthly Archives: April 2005

The new Spiritualized cover of “Sad Days Lonely Nights” sounds like a life coming apart. It’s amazing.

In other news, there’s been an office meeting called for tomorrow, ostensibly about the file and drawing arrangement and finishing the office renovations – finally getting me out of this stupid high traffic area. But we all know what’s really going to happen. John phrased it in terms of the above when he suggested having the meeting, but the way he said it, he knew that this is actually going to be about much much more than where we keep our drawings and how we draft. This will be about the lack of communication, and the fact that the office is – if not driving itself into the ground on its own deathmarch right now; stagnating to the point that one bad crisis or lawsuit, etc. will leave us with a lot less to meet about.
And it all comes down to executive mismanagement and a lack of regard on all of our parts. They create a bad work environment; and within months, the fight and concern is drained out of anyone who walks over that transom every morning. That is why it got the term deathmarch from me in the first place, and it will continue until some serious confrontation (not necessarily negative) is breached.

Updates to come.

355 layers in a baseplan. 70-100 would be reasonable… at most. This is the most ridiculous “hey, can you take care of this real quick?” edit I’ve ever had to stare down. And of course, what comes on WEBN while I’m typing this but Led Zeppellin’s Going to California…

Otherwise, still slogging it out. Tough sometimes. A friend’s dad just died. I hate funerals, already been to too many.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Billy Bragg and Wilco’s “California Stars” on the radio. fuck. That song always makes me melancholy when I’m here in the midwest. Especially because it doesn’t just remind me of the place, but of someone I miss even more. The constant parade of great LA job openings on Archinect doesn’t make it any easier, either.
Got stuck in traffic behind a tractor on the way to work Friday. That would be nothing if I still lived out in Indiana – but this was on Reading Road in the middle of the city. It must have been a blessing from Chaos, though, ’cause when I got up by the office, the spot right in front was mine for the taking – “Rockstar Parking” we call that.
Went to Louisville Friday night for a friend’s fundraising banquet. It was awesome, and to cap the night, I also won a game of Monopoly against my hostess and her girlfriend, who’s apparently a champ at it…
Had a wine and cheese get together with a friend last night, and that was really fun as well. But now, back to the grind. Damn existing condition drawings.

The contractor that our client on the mezzanine addition project came by this morning. He didn’t know, (and thus didn’t put into his bid to the client) the sealed set of engineering calculations that we’d need for the building permit. He didn’t know we’d be going for permit. We’re architects. That’s sort of one of the things we do… And he said that he’s never gone for a permit on one of these before… Absolutely insane. And they screwed up my drawings again by putting a 3′-0″ stair in instead of the necessary 3′-8″

On a good note, in the Pope’s final “spiritual” testament, he stated that he “left no material possessions” to be willed. How great would that be, to go through life and leave nothing but a legacy? No material attachments. That’s a life worth having lived.

Opening Day here in the Queen City (great double meaning there, I’ve always liked that), and so the banner towing planes are out. Smoking buddy Jay and I just went for one, and there was a tow plane carrying a banner for Deja Vu Gentlemen’s Club.

Do you realize that the first tow plane I’ve seen in like two years was carrying a banner for a strip club? Flying over an event (the Opening Day Parade) that not only features, but attracts many families…

That’s awesome. Especially in a county where that kind of commerce is actually illegal.