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Monthly Archives: June 2013


It’s not quite Woodstock, and I’m not Joni Mitchell; but an illness is the only thing keeping me from being at On The Road right now. It’s happening until 6pm, so if you are in LA, you should go in my place.

For context – today (June 02, 2013) was supposed to be the start of the MoCA show A New Sculpturalism, the fate of which has caused much gossip and consternation of late. On The Road was intended by creator James Michael Tate and his co-conspirators, curators, and creators to be a companion and counterpoint to the Sculpturalism show.

While the “sculpturalism” moniker implies willingness to let figure stand as the be-all, end-all of the architectural practice, the frame surrounding all discourse; the work in On The Road is often participatory and / or performance-based; including live drawings on the side of a freakin-U-Haul by Jimenez Lai and Volkan Alkanoglu. Before the sun drove my infirm eyes away, these drawings were already getting interesting. I can only imagine what will happen by the time the city kicks them out at the end of the night. And unless Sculpturalism has some of its hell-with-a-pen draftspersons slinging lines real-time, it will have a hard time beating the performances at On The Road in a heads-up match.

Featuring many of the youngest and brightest lights of LA architecture, On The Road is rough but refreshing. I hope you read this in time and are able to go see something truly unique. Check out the website for all the participants, and go and be part of great work by hungry young practitioners, happening in what is clearly the emerging moments of a new chorus of critical discourse(s) in Los Angeles. If there is a way forward after the hermetic statements of a “new sculpturalism,” if is in a parking lot in Little Tokyo today.

The On The Road crew have promised more events throughout the year, and if this is just the first step onto the learning curve, 2013 will have some real treats for architecture in LA.



LA, CA 90012

12-6 PM