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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Previously at this job I’ve come close to 50 hours in a regular work week, or topped 50 with a few hours on a weekend…
But last week is the first I’ve gone over 50 hours in a 5 day week.

This is a good thing, believe it or not.

(Of course, I also slept my ass off this weekend as a result)

Holy Hell, I remembered the password to this thing…
maybe I’ll start posting here again…

I think the quote would go something like “Well, this ‘reality’ was boring anyway. I’m going to check out the one next door.”

But we’ve “lost” Bob Wilson. Or more appropriately, that bastard finally lost us. He’d been trying to give us the slip for fifty years, but mortality somehow managed to keep its coil in him.

We’ll get you, you slippery old motherfucker!
You can’t run forever.

Always one step ahead. Clever asshole.


People, find the fucking information about him and what he was/is yourselves. I’m not going to spoon feed it to you now.
Do yourselves a favor, his writing will change the way you look at yourself and all this shit around you.

I’m pissed at myself for never just driving up to Big Sur and saying “Hi” sometime over the last few months.

This is the closest to a tribute as I can come.
Words don’t do him justice.
Only the most hearty gut laugh you can muster does.

Ha (OM)! Ha (OM)! Ha (OM)! Ha (OM)!

Ladies and Gentlemen; I give you Convergence. Fer Reals, yo.

Look at the shiny-flashy wow.

And when you switch to solid-state memory, tablet input, and a drafting program – oh sweet iPhone – we’ll rule the world, you and me.

Sometimes I curse too much, and I’m given to hyperbole sometimes.But this post has neither.

Last night’s Boise State win over Oklahoma was literally UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE. And that’s an understatement.
It is the greatest college football win in my lifetime.

Oh yeah, we killed in the Rose Bowl.

But that’s nothing. Compared to what those kids did.