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Monthly Archives: October 2004

But this thing is fun as hell. Gives you a clue as to the contentiousness of the whole thing, and of how it works – you see the difference that a previously in the bag state like Hawaii coming off Kerry’s board can have… what makes it good is that it’s interactive…

Just figured out I can’t link to it directly, so go to and click on the electoral college map…

Bill Buckner,

You are avenged.

if you can cite an example of a practicing Christian in the New Testament using or advocating violence.
God doesn’t count, as he is the same God of the Hebrews to whom he gave license to defend themselves…

My point is that our current president uses his evangelical and personal Christianity as a basis for decision making in our Secular government. Being thus, if he wants to make Christianity a de-facto state religion in the aforementioned way, he would follow the ways of Christ to the letter.

If I am correct in my recollection that no New Testament Christians use violence, if you are using the New Testament as a method of governance, one would find no textual basis upon which to advocate even the state sponsored use of violence. Thus what we’ve unearthed is not someone who wants to build a Christian state, but only to use Christianity as an excuse for something that they want to do for secular reasons. Doesn’t that debase the power of that faith? If the motivation is secular, and the act is un-sanctioned by the book as a method of action, then why would one pray for the answer? The main concern here is not Christianity, but hypocrisy.

But one last thing to say…

Goodbye, Barry.
You were my first favorite player. I was five.
Nineteen years with your hometown’s team.
Who’ll wear the C?

That’s all.