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Monthly Archives: December 2004

you’ve all heard a lot about it, and here it is.

yesterday, I patronized the wonderful establishment Mother’s in Covington, KY (Go see Chu, he’s supercool and talented as shit -new school or old) and got the tattoo I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Kasimir Malevich was trying to destroy the subject/object relationship in Western painting when he painted Black Square” (in 1913) by representing pure object. This iconoclasm and lack of fear for violating convention is something that I’ve always valued, and to keep it near to me, I had it permanently painted into my flesh.

Pictures of it in the context of my corpus will follow. The greatest thing I’ve discovered is that, while drawn in the idealistic perfect square in a natural pose, as I move, it morphs plastically into other shapes, being an actual dynamic feature and not a still and ossified reverence. And another awesome thing is the size itself – the original is like 42″x42″, which would be a bit undue on the human body. So instead, I had it reproduced at phi by phi. 1.618″ x 1.618″ sure, the Golden Mean is 1×1.618… but it works, and is the perfect size.

Soon, my adolescent cyberpunk dreams will come true…