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Monthly Archives: October 2006

lost in fog and love and faithless fear
I’ve had kisses that make Judas seem sincere.

Jesus, another line that rips me raw.

There are currently two references to people I know on BoingBoing.

First, Tony and his amazing work creating The Walking Dead, which Cory Doctorow just read and loves.

Next, is Noah, who I know from undergrad, and who now studies under Cory Doctorow at USC. I still haven’t gotten to watch the video that got him up there.

Congratulations to both of these gentlemen; the recognition is very deserved on both counts.

In other news, apparently Marilyn Manson is playing Dr. Frank n Furter in the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Also, BoingBoing reposted some flash fiction from Wired… Was dociley scanning the morning news when I laughed out loud for this:

“Longed for him. Got him. Shit.” – Margaret Atwood

Here are someone’s pictures from the Hold Steady Show, from the Boys and Girls in America site.
Which is one of the more ill-advised marketing ideas around.
You can’t build a whole social networking site around one album.
But whatever, this is Vagrant Records. Who suck.
Good album, though.

and now for ME!

First picture, you can see the blur that is my head mid-rock out in the bottom center. Also, the gentleman behind Franz with a Budweiser is Paddy Costello of Dillinger Four.
Second pic, you can make out my orange wristband tipping back a beer.
Third picture has the best view, I’m on stage, far right, hand on mic.

Hells yeah.

When I look deep in your eyes, I swear I can see your soul.”

Holy shit, I haven’t heard this song in so damn long. It’s so fucking good. That line, as melodramatic – nay, virtually emo – as it is… it still gets me.
Maybe it’s all in the delivery, though.

…Almost Killed Me.

And I think the guys making the documentary about the band unfortunately documented the shit out of me making a complete fool of myself. With pride.

Foolishness that included about ten or fifteen of us (by this point it was just a bunch of people touching people who they don’t even know, yo) being pulled onto the stage and dancing and screaming along to Killer Parties. This is after Tad gave his guitar to someone in the crowd to play.

That Turbonegro show I won’t shut up about really is one of those moments where Rock and Roll means something. And I can’t tell you which show was better, that one or this.

The first opener, Black Fur, were a junkie-hot circa 1991 Hole – with talent, and more balls. I think they probably got some interest out of somebody considering how many people there looked like industry fucks.

The second opener was the Sean-na-na’s, and they were okay. Sean seemed smug and uptight, maybe just nervous. Paddy from Dillinger Four was on bass; I had spotted him outside before the show and chatted. Then, ecstatic, I messaged Daniel that I had seen him; and Daniel asked for an autograph.

Judging from his stunned and amazed response, I think I might have been the first person ever to ask Paddy Costello for an autograph. Hell Yeah. I never got to buy him that beer, though.

(endnote: I’m very proud of myself for being the third person into the office today. I was home by one in the morning, but I was so keyed up that I couldn’t get to bed until probably after three…)

Shit Shit Shit Sold the Fuck Out

The Hold Steady snuck up on me

And I didn’t even get a ticket

Do any LA folks (of which there are few on here, I know…) have any connections to get me in, maybe an extra ticket, etc; or am I screwed?

Call me, email me, get to me somehow. How the fuck was I supposed to know it’d sell out, I was just going to get my ticket at the door…


Edit 5:20 pm, 10/16/06

Got me effin’ ticket!!!, disregard the above.
Man, Craigslist can be cool sometimes.


Further Edit:

Realization: Last show I saw at the Troubadour was Turbonegro 3-1/2 years ago…
Damn, that’s a long time ago…
Damn, that was a good show…
Hope this one is at least half as good…
Guess we’ll know, if I’m half “completely drenched in sweat” that it was half as good…
Damn, that was a good show…

From Hell (Texas) to Heaven, we hope.

Pardon my French, but to poach a phrase; Now all that’s left is queers.

Ok, I knew WOXY was coming back – again, after dying – again.
But holy hell, I thought it was just coming back as just another streaming radio station.
I didn’t realize there’d be a revolution at hand, and that by “selling out” it would become an even more influential and independent juggernaut in the making.

So WOXY is no longer independent, and this is not to be mourned. If this makes the waves that it could, the little station that could will have truly changed the mainstream.

Read here.

And listen here. you can only deny the revolution for so long.

(also, read some simple language background on here)

Proof of the validity of my Cayenne + Fish Oil supplemental diet…


Does anyone know of a community on lj or maybe a website in general (at work and haven’t searched at all yet) where people post the funniest perversions of truth / vandalism / slander written into – and usually deleted from – Wikipedia articles?

I was just thinking of how hilarious Rep. Mark Foley’s wiki must be (just checked it – locked because of recent vandalism – point proven).
And I was wishing that there was some way to keep a record of all the funny offensive shit people post on there.

Ex-Gov. Corzine of New Jersey was referred to as the “State Dunce” in his for a while because someone opposed his cutting funding to Rutgers.

I don’t want these forms of protest and pranksterism to be forgotten.