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Monthly Archives: July 2004

So is this a case of “Forgive them lord, they know not what they do?” or “Pea brained scumfuck nazis whose heads are so far up their asses that they didn’t even pay attention to the history of the country they’re sending my friends off to kill and die for?”

Read this,

and then read this

Then tell me which above description is more accurate. Don’t forget, there’s already been one civil war over Article 4. But then again, I wonder how many of Republicans even paid attention to the “action scene” part of American History 101 (the Civil War), let alone the much more “scholastic” part (the framing documents) closely enough to know about the Nullification Crisis.

So basically, what this means is that those we vote into office don’t know their precedent. The captains know as little about the boat as the passengers. Well, if they’re negligent enough to not do their research, maybe we’re better off with guys and ladies who actually know their shit “legislating from the bench.” Don’t forget, becoming a judge – especially one with any power – isn’t a populatiry contest like running for Congress…

Even the biological concept of sex itself has so much gray area that pretty soon after defining marriage as between only a “man and a woman,” these assholes they would then have to write into the constitution the specific scientific definitions of “man” and “woman.” Does that mean that those who may have been born somewhere in between have to pick one or the other and couldn’t legally marry someone of the “same sex” for the rest of their lives?

And where’s the movement to define the actual term “marriage?” Isn’t some luxury car the perfect marriage of power and grace or some shit like that? so where’s the amendment on “abstract concept marriage?” If they’re going to define “marriage” and “civil union” does that mean they’re going to define “just dating” or “starting to get serious” or “fuck buddies?”

Any thoughts? or are you as brainless as Congress? These terms like “marriage” and “science” and “constitution” are simply mental constructs that allow us to make sense out of our place in a universe that doesn’t revolve around us, make ourselves seem special. The more restrictions you have on those constructs, the more limited your ability to comprehend things in this universe that your mind may not have been faced with before. And judging by what science says is the size of it, I’d say there’s a mind fuck or two lurking out there.

So why the fuck are our leaders wasting so much of our limitied time here on something that’s completely irrelevant and incoherent in the first place?

I’m done now.