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Monthly Archives: June 2002

my car got broken into again last night. second time in six months. they didn’t get anything; after the first time, I’ve made sure not to leave anything of any value at all in the cabin of my car. They just cost me $250 or so. dammit. well, that’s LA. I have midterms in a week, things on that front are actually going decently. didn’t get any real work done for that today, too busy dealing with the car. other news, lessee, um…. not much. Eileen’ll probably be back soon, although I haven’t talked to her in a while, I figure she’s bound to be back within a week or so. looking forward to that. being broke is no fun. driving is fun, pants are fun, bands are fun. yes.

is no more, for now. while dicking around in the office, I was playing with a broken pair of expensive headphones with a headset mic, of the type that air traffic controllers use, and started swinging them around, a la roger daltrey, thus my new moniker was born.

tee hee.

one of my contributions to the satellite show (, the “I hate youth culture” t-shirt (copyrighted) now has people interested in buying them, so once we get the money together, we’ll be off the ground… cool.

a hyperactive cat and a yo-yo.

I’ve always been a fan of sunday afternoons. but today, sitting around with the new roommates and just hanging out, drinking coffee and oj and just sorta lounging, I’ve discovered a new appreciation for the soft light and comfortable cool that is sunday morning. sheer relaxation. I think I’m learning to be less tense already. and the cat, neru is certainly helping that as well…

so here’s a tip of the hat to michelle, lauryn, and sasha for being cool and just chillin’. word yo.

just sitting around on a sunday morning with michelle and lauryn, my awesome roommates. nothing really going on in my life, boredom etcetera. yeah. but hey, life is cool, etcetera. studio is going decently, and I still don’t have a job. forthcoming.

this india pakistan thing is fucked up.