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Monthly Archives: January 2006

First, I must say that my dad’s 50th was a much bigger deal to me this year than my own 2x’th But nonetheless –

How phenomenal a birthday that was. Thank you so much for all you did. And that means all of you.

First, thanks to everyone whose sent their wishes. Too numerous to recall all, but people came out of the woodwork for this one. Keith, Kat, John, Lola, Chuck, Amy, Andi, Carpenter, Erik, Louis, Trish, Kisha, and if I’m forgetting you, that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful.

Second, thanks to my Grandfather for his generosity. It meant a lot to him that I took him for a day out a couple months ago, so he knocked a bunch off of an outstanding loan. It was awesome, and we’ve got another one planned for soon. BE NICE TO OLD PEOPLE.

Thank you to my Mom and Dad for everything over the years– Happy 50, old man. My mother, he, and I shared an amazing Indian meal yesterday before Jungle Jim’s-ing. It was delightful.

(Also, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this one before, but for years now they’ve had the standing birthday present of renewing my subscription to Architectural Record. It’s always been so consistent, and it’s cool every time I remember that throughout the year.)

Thanks to my brat sister, Barbie. Make fun of my name anymore and I’ll slice you, kid. Anyway, thanks and I hope you’re having more fun than you could have imagined.

Thanks to the irreplaceable Christina and Chad, for the cupcakes (shit yeah!) and the lunch today. That was really wonderful of both of you! And thanks to the rest of the office (Scot, Jay, John, Alex, and Phil) for sharing my b-day lunch with me today. That was a lot of fun, and I’m glad you all liked the Bakery Roll.

Thanks, Jehta for the drinks Friday night. It was good to get to hang out with just you, talk about life and shit and just relax. Hope moving went well. Call me any time.

Thank you to the irreplaceable Sarah, Amanda, Donna, and the rest at Bullfishes for a crazy night and a great show.

Thanks to Alison and Dan and your whole crew for coming out and having fun with us. And thanks for the good wine, Alison.

Thanks to Beth and Kim for coming out too, it was great to see you guys again, and you should both hang out with us more.

Thanks too to Jaime and John Perzz for trying to make it. You both would have loved it.

Especially though, I’d like to thank two people. Rusty, thanks for driving. And I’m really happy we’ve gotten to reconnect after we did our years of shit on our own. I’m really proud of you and your success. Congrats on the new job, and S and I owe you a night out for this one.

And certainly not least: my eternal co-conspirator, Sarah. Thank you so much for so much. Friday was a fucking blast, as usual. We are still the coolest people in the world… I owe you a big ass birthday throwdown.

Being in this frame of mind, and seeing how long the list is here really makes this more of a Thanksgiving in January. Shit can be tough for me sometimes, often of my own causing; but with so many people to thank for so much, I feel really great. This reminds me that even though we all feel really alone or under appreciated sometimes, there’s actually a big-ass posse out there ready to show us their support. More than my birthday, this was a reminder of how good you all are to me, and I want to give back the care and commiseration that you all showed. Relish a job well done, a birthday happily celebrated!

Just -keep- going.
March on.

Math works, and you’re coming out in the (+) column. I am starting to realize how close to my short term goals I am.

Then there’s England. It has to be done. There will never be enough money. I will never be able to take a vacation. I’ll never have the luxury. I can never say “Okay, NOW you can go.” So I just have to go. Damn the consequences.

So I see a plan, and there’s something in my way, one week will set me back a months… I’m really scared.

It’ll all work out even when your head tells you it won’t.

“The careful man tries to dodge the bullets
while the happy man takes a walk.”
(A quiet reminder from the eels while everything else in my head rages)

I’m a geek.
You all knew that.
Right now I’m wigging out on newly installed AutoCAD 2006 LT and Eye Candy 5.0.
I might come up for air in a couple days.

Bon Travail to my brat sister on her voyage!

Holidays = over
Vacation = over
College Football = over
Boredom = imminent

Welcome back, workaholism.