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Monthly Archives: September 2008

For those who don’t know, expect some steamy steamy man on man action between Woody Allen and myself as I explore the drunken expatriate’s life in Barcelona. By expatriate, I mean tourist… For the next two weeks. With that sexy septuagenarian. La vida loca,bitches.

Man, these guys really effing love ham… excuse me – jamon.

Anyway, this place is so incredible. I already don’t want to leave. And I’ve only been here two jet lagged, errand filled days. But they have been two amazing jet-lagged, errand-filled days. Moonit and I have had a blast wandering Las Ramblas and the Barri Gotico and just doing the simple things like cooking and shopping together, and her new roommates have been the most incredible hosts.

Picture posts, etc to follow. If you are of those lucky enough to know my flickr, you will be graced with new pictures from my incisive outsider’s eye very soon.


If you’re abroad, and you go to the website of a major American newspaper, there’s a chance that you’re a registered voter in America. This is what you see when you go to the Washington Post – the Obama campaign reminding you not to miss the deadline to vote from abroad.

As a comparison, I went to unashamed conservative mouthpiece The Wasington Times, and it was a slice of home – no ads targeted to me as an American overseas, just ads exhorting me to buy the same old crap.

This man will be our next president, and beyond his platform and leadership ability, thoughtful strategy like this is why.

It’s two minutes long. It’s on television. It’s straightforward. Nonpartisan.
It’s just him – no propaganda songs, no bumper sticker quotes, no surrogates, no misleading quotations or lies. No mention of anyone but the American people. He “zigged” when the other party is trying to bully him into “zagging” so to speak.

The man accused of being a pop star, of being self centered is the only one advocating a real and responsible agenda, is the only one talking to us as Americans, not voters.

This is how you win an election, but more importantly, it’s how you show your priority is a more perfect union, not just victory.

Is what he says at 1:43 into this video.

1. He’s not us.
2. His former head campaign co-chair – and current senior economic advisor Phil Gramm wrote the laws that caused this.
3. Remember the last big banking crisis?

He has not betrayed Wall Street now, has he?


Sarcastic “Update:” I sure am glad we privatized Social Security a few years ago and put all of our futures into the stock market – that nag came in!

I’m glad I listened to the John McCain interview on The View.

At four minutes into this second segment, Sen. McCain says that he will nominate only those who believe in a strict construction of the Constitution.

Which is great to know – that he will follow the fact that the Constitution does not put a prohibition upon my right to choose how to use my uterus.