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Monthly Archives: April 2002

at approximately 72:00 hours Tuesday 4/23/02, our subject underwent a critical replacement and reconfiguration of the constituent elements of his usually unnoticed environment. Also called hallucinations, these were manifest in animal behavior in inanimate objects, fractals in the brick walls of campus buildings, and a sudden emergence of people who aren’t there. While the long term effects of this treatment are yet in the future, we the research team are assured of the absolute joy that this has given to the test subject and are issuing approval for further investigation.

76 hours. approaching or have passed a personal record. I’m sure you all under stand why this message is short.

Love you all. Happy B-Day, de Avenger Sliveros de la Cruz.

Good fortune returned for doing things I didn’t want to do. One small event transformed a fairly bummer night to a good one. At least I know that there is still such a thing as Karma, and maybe even someone up there looking out for us.

Okay, I haven’t slept in a while, time to do that.

If you weren’t punk
when you were sixteen,
you never will be,
****** ******.

jesus, there’s lotsa new stuff on my friends page for me to read, and I gotta bust my ass on work. I miss you all. keep cranking, and I will read when I get a chance.

wish I had something interesting to say right now, but I’m just trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces of my scattered life…

the courtney cox preset