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Monthly Archives: March 2004

This is so fucking insane I can’t even create a response. Grown people. Publicly respected enough to be voted to Senate. too illogical to even comprehend. Listen to yourself, people. actually think about the words you string together in sentences. You’d realize that this country is out of its fucking head.

sunrise in the surf at malibu. fog shrouded mountains like some landscape painting. the silence that passed. and something very sublime hidden there.

I had a moment of perfection.

but I figured out a few things in the penalty box.
I’m going to kill someone if this current pattern continues.
There are way more people I miss than I remembered before:
Rearranging magazines today and an old issue of Palaver fell out, and I realized I had been blocking Molly from my memory for a long long time. I really miss her.

but at least I have another temp interview in an hour and a half…
wish me luck. and who knows, maybe soon enough this’ll provide me the jack to get the hell outta this city and help renovate my parents house on the way out the door.

love, y’all.