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Monthly Archives: June 2005

Rarely, a “rock journalist” comes up with a good phrase. This one is courtesy of Keith Harris, a Mlps rock writer (I think the mag was the “city pages”), in a Lifter Puller story I had not previously read…

“Anarchy is too ideologically loaded a word, chaos too grand. But it sure is some kind of terrific mess up there”

find it here


I can’t believe I never mentioned it, having already made reference to the Hold Steady… But the newest album is astoundingly good. Sorry, been rocking out to it while I’ve made god knows how many of these posts. But if you haven’t checked it out yet; and I know you haven’t, ’cause you were waiting for my recommendation, please do… So support your local independent music store (even if they never called you back about that album you ordered two months ago) and purchase The Hold Steady’s Separation Sunday. And hell, make it a twofer and buy The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me as well.

And obviously, if I’m remiss for not mentioning The Hold Steady, I am certainly long overdue in exhorting everyone – pleading for you to check out the lead singer’s previous band, Lifter Puller. These guys were quite possibly the most underappreciatedly astounding thing going on in rock and roll before their fiery burnout…

Take this, grasshopper; may it serve you well.

Chad, this one’s especially for you, but I know everyone will love it…

Mission of Burma is looking for a webmaster, and they posted the listing on of all places…. Don’t apply for this, though. My friend Dave should get this job…

For some reason, everything feels like Deja-Vu these days. Maybe a ripple in the matrix, maybe I’ve lived this all before like Sisyphus, or maybe I’m about to die, and that’s why this stuff imprinted me from the future.

Our dear JT will be leaving us soon, and this week should accordingly be rather eventful. We have a full slate of social activities planned for him, which hopefully even he’ll be able to make…

A the Badass Bass-Player’s ex-boyfriend doesn’t like me very much – in the “wants to kick my ass” sense. I’ve seen the guy. He sure could try. Try. What’s the deal with that? I don’t know how many of her recitals I’ll be able to make in light of my pacifism. Apparently, he only knows me as “seat-belt boy” though, which would be the only example of one of the horrible nicknames people invariably give me working out to my advantage.

There’s a piece on The Hold Steady and The Mountain Goats in the fucking New Yorker. Funny enough, it was a great review of a Lifter Puller album (that being the lead singer of the Hold Steady’s old band) that got me into them, and that review was by none other than John Darnielle, the only permanent Mountain Goat…

Stay tuned for more developments in the personal and office worlds…

1… Seeing projects with beautiful usage of materials always frustrates me that our clients are too cheap to do anything other than pre-engineered metal frames, gypsum board and “cultured” stone. Nobody’s fault but our own, we invite them to use us.

2… It’s also depressing to get on “my store” at and wonder what happened to all those books I had to buy for college. I hope they’re still out there somewhere. Is it abnormal to miss textbooks?

3… The worst soul sucker of the day thus far, however, was going to UDF earlier and seeing the woman from the architecture firm down the street (I think I’m crushing…) dressed super-stylishly and looking so hot – and not having any “in” to talk to her. Then immediately reading in Architectural Record about Toyo Ito’s new project , and wishing that there was any chance in my current life that I could ever work on something that astounding and interesting. Beauty gave me a 1-2 punch that cut pretty deep. But now it’s time to get back to the constant pressure of making some spec house piece of shit to make some rich developer even richer.

4… Sometimes salvation rides a pale horse, too. I feel on the verge of some immolation that will have to be overcome, one that will make me stronger and change the terms of this “worklife at a small midwestern architecture firm.” But I hope that the thing that does it is simple word substitution of “california” for “midwestern.” The deathmarch daily draws closer to its conclusion.

You’re kidding, right. This guy was let walk? Wow. The world keeps getting weirder. Take one look at the picture and tell me there’s not some (literally) gruesome (figurative) comedy at play here…

The Porkchop isn’t here this week, and he didn’t give any of his “draftsmen” (both have Project Manager level experience, but nontheless, they’re nothing but draftsmen to him) any direction to go before he left, so things have sorta slowed down, and the level of dissatisfaction around here has tipped over the scale to anger. The shit gets successively closer to the fan.

Another Project That Wouldn’t Die is back.
This time my boss dropped the ball, not letting anyone know we had gotten the “ding” letter about five weeks ago.
This place is like a transient hotel, don’t even bother unpacking. Take the paychecks while they last, let the principals dig the grave. Don’t get your own hands dirty.
Not to sound too dark; but things are really negative around here right now.

(P.S. Many, many thanks to Mister JT for his suggestions on my resume.)