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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Today it starts.
It starts today.
An ending and a beginning.
It’s mortifying.

Today’s the day I walk into my boss’s office.
I hand him a letter.
I’m quitting my job.

There shouldn’t be carnage.

Wish me luck.

Los Angeles – nothing can save you now.

Bringing numerological significance to nuptial.

And the link to the explanation, for those interested.

COLOGNE, Germany — Churches across Germany are encouraging soccer fans to swap their barstools and pints for a pew and a prayer, hiring big screens to broadcast World Cup games to their congregations.

The process of inquiry as to whether I would do this would go as follows:

Minister: “Come watch this football game in my church”

Me: “Can I drink a beer while praying for victory?”

Minister: “Well, um… No… But you can pray…

Me: <Walks off in direction of nearest bar>