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Monthly Archives: November 2001

Okay, so the virtual (soon to be real) work exile is beginning. Those around campus might see me at ground zero grabbing coffee between stints in the computer lab or studio, but otherwise, I’m in lockdown. no karaoke. no pints at la poubelle. no smash at the ‘cave. no abfab with vera at my place tonight (she just called wondering if she could use my place to watch it, not with me there or anything, just y’know, borrow my keys and shit, quite dubious). anyway, all that gone, gotta go into exile lest I fail studio. bad, bad things. bad.

recorded a really cool song (bakersfield static) with mark last night. Danger Slut is no longer merely a theoretical band. check out kingmedicine on here to find the link. it’s really good. had a late nite trip to twain’s via mulholland, although I had initially wanted to go to san bernadino (more accurately, up the mountain toward lake arrowhead) just for the drive. ech, glad the craziness is over, and hopefully I can settle back down to doing school work. oh yeah, I cut my hair. yes, the long, flowing, daltry-esque locks are gone. back to the dumb skinhead look. later.