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Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Robotic Universal Laboratory project is by Brian Harms: a colleague, collaborator, and friend of mine. It is a lab / factory that rethinks the means – and space – of production. Autonomous robots construct their next generation and the space of their manufacture through a process of evolutionary optimization.

It’s great stuff, and I’m honored to have watched Brian was develop it. I think it’s incredible on multiple levels. It has a simple and well constructed narrative dimension, but that is just a framework for Brian’s incredible technical excellence – shown in both his knowledge of technology and the construction of the project. It is both a plausible (nay, probable) and visionary project that has just the right edge of dangerousness.

Autonomous self-generating drones? Hold the Reprap right there and unplug SkyNet, thank you very much.

Enjoy the attached images – and go check out the whole project over at Brian’s blog, curvlabs. But most of all – his project is in the competition at for the Land of Tomorrow exhibition. And you should go vote for it!

But of course, the coolest thing Brian did wasn’t just virtual computer wizardry – it was the iphone controlled, six-legged, flying, robot that extrudes material through a delta-bot. All functioning.

(Except the “flying” part where Brian’s still waiting for technology to catch up with him.)