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Monthly Archives: January 2010

“…They have measured the signatures of a symmetry showing the same attributes as the golden ratio famous from art and architecture.”

via ScienceDaily

Here is this term’s Wednesday lecture series at The Bartlett School of Architecture:

27 January sixteen* (makers)
3 February Gramazio & Kohler
10 February Lorens Holm
24 February Omar Khan
3 March Mark Morris
10 March Ranulph Glanville
17 March Farshid Moussavi
23 March Nat Chard
24 March Mark West

Cool series. I especially like the implication from this list that there are either two wild card dates, or more interestingly, that both Sixteen Makers and Lorens Holm are speaking two consecutive weeks. Correction: The listing on the website originally did not include Gramazio & Kohler. The open date after Lorens Holm was not accurate. Nat Chard was probably originally scheduled to speak then, but was rescheduled to March 23. Just my guess.

Incredible to think that twenty five years ago, computer driven desktop publishing was cutting edge. Now we have this.
I’ve seen plans (possibly from the same people) on how to build your own for under $2,000. But $950 out of the box and ready to assemble? Incredible.