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Monthly Archives: May 2005

The oft mentioned WOXY 97x has just launched an all-vintage channel at their website, and kicking it off, they’re reviving the ages-old (to those of us lucky enough to be in their listening range back when they were on radio) start of summer, the Modern Rock 500 – a monumental countdown of their favorite modern rock songs of all time. And somewhere around lap 460 or so, they played the Specials AKA’s Free Nelson Mandela, which reminded me of an apocryphal story I heard years ago on 97x about how they once played a super-extended version during a concert. So that their drummer could use the bathroom…

will change the way you see the world…

The Cad Monkeys are revolting like the colors Rick has to pick for this project. Everything you ever say to our principals is wrong. I’m 100% sure that had Rick gone to our boss G-Unit with happy, bright colors for this project – which was his original idea – they would have been rejected as too expensive / busy.

So instead he restrained his palette to muted tones, and in his meeting with G-Unit, was told that they were all too boring, and that the clients would want bright and sunny colors.

So he gets to start over. And the clients will probably reject the colors (and use all beige and eggshell) once they find out the price difference. That’s how it works here.

Ian and Lola, the friends from out of town, left today. It was really nice to have them around.

//begin: (Paracelsus, via (or according to) Borges upon alchemy and the Sorcerer’s Stone.)

“Every Step you Take
Is the Goal You Seek”

//continue: (1-900-4-JANINE)

The Jersey Girl excites and confounds me, and I see in her typical Virgan drive the ambition I am looking for, the understanding that makes the above possible. I don’t truly know what I mean to her – but I know what she means to me. And that’s a scarily big thing. Scary enough that I am glad she’s gone in a month, and I’m gone a month and a half after that.

//further: (All Over Creation)

Friend and his new girlfriend coming into town tonight, don’t know what to expect of her. Heard she’s crazy. They’re road tripping from Boston to Oakland, and it’ll be absolutely amazing to see Ian again. We’ll see how this all plays out.

//conclusion: (May You Live in Historic Times)

At least things are happening in my life, at least it’s feeling significant. That’s all I ask. Updates to come.

Just heard Clinic’s The Second Line for the first time in a couple years , and it made me very happy, ’cause it’s probably the best nonsense-lyrics song in recent history. Seriously, the lyrics mean absolutely nothing, but it’s got such a groove.

I did the model of this project waaay back in the summer of ’01, and helped to put together the portfolio for the PA Awards that we were submitting if for… And now it’s Architectural Record’s House of the Month! Can you believe that shit. Of course, wouldn’t you know that no pictures of my (beautiful) model are here, but still. How cool is that?

All those crazy rafters, yeah… I built those to scale.
The whole thing was demountable, too.
The roof plane came off of the rafters which came off the walls.
The edges of the window walls that slid out were countersunk into the walls and floor, so they were flush like in real life.
The little volumes of the baths, bed surrounding cabinets, kitchen and island all came out so you could view the parti.
And the walls themselves actually demounted from the plane that makes up the whole built site, with the garden and retaining walls in back so you could see how exactly on one plane the whole building sits.
But the coup de grace was the site itself. Sure, it took entirely too much time – a line I really need to figure out how to stop having to say. But it was absolutely beautiful. It was a stretched grid of foamcore (with sealed edges so it looks monolithic) that followed the very extreme topography from the top of the hill to the bottom of the drive, with a street that even came off.

I was really proud of the model it at the time, and really proud that I got to work with such great people. And I’m proud of Austin and Monika for getting such recognition for it, ’cause it is a neat little (and I mean, little) project that was done pretty damn lovingly, and I was happy that I was able to put such love back.

I would have called Porkchop out (our new nickname for T-Bone) on his mismanagement, were I not made too physically ill by his presence.

And apparently, something changed between yesterday and today that led to the cancellation of the CAD meeting that Porkchop was going to pre-empt with 3 hours notice. Yesterday, before the CAD meeting hit its obstruction of whatever kind or another, I had to cancel my lunch plans with my father for it, who had the opportunity to have lunch with me for like the first time ever…

And in the end, it turns out we’re had the meeting after all.

In the spirit of today’s government sponsored National Day of Prayer, let’s fulfill our patriotic duty.

Dear God,
Please give our leaders the strength to address the many issues that such great men face on a daily basis – please help them to overcome their cowardice and face the Ethics Committee instead of hiding behind their power. Please help them to understand the differences between church and state, and why combining the two in occasions such as an officially sanctioned pseudo-holiday is a gross violation of this bastion of Traditional American Values.
Please, we implore you great Lord, to help the people of Kansas to see the folly in doing the same with the education of the youth of their state instead by “teaching” reason through the use of a folk-tale written before reason was discovered. Why teach how science works if the answer is “magic;” oh Lord?
Please help our leaders to see the real threats in this world, such as a rogue state with no oil who definitely has a nuclear weapon and resist the temptation of bullying a rogue state with lots of oil because of the rumour of a suspicion that they may have some kind of weapon, we think…
And most of all, oh God, please help those of us who do not make others live by our dogma to survive the next three and a half years under the rule of those who think that everyone should believe as they do.

We pray this in your Judeo-Christian and wholly American name,