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Monthly Archives: December 2001

lost my last post when lj freaked out. dammit!

ten days at home without really accomplishing anything.

one of the most wonderful stretches of my life.

think I’m getting better – in that I’m recuperating from this hellish semester, and I’m also getting really nervous at not having anything to do… it’s like I’ve got this drive to actually do something…

things that have made this break worth it

invader zim

grolsch lager

weetzie bat books

james gleick’s bio of richard feynman

sleeping ten hours without regret

driving kisha to the airport

being reminded constantly of why I got out of the midwest

the snow. or a few nights ago, the rain

sitwells late at night, replete with a dozen beautiful women.

bottomless coffee.

okay, gotta get up in the morning and drive more than 5 hours (in good conditions) through the snow up to – well, almost michigan. ligonier, IN to take my sister to a friend’s house. I’ll be back the 30th, seeing an old good friend up in fort wayne. ahh, midwestern geography. i say these placenames like they mean anything to anyone.
doesn’t it all sound so middle american? wow, the mental space in which I grew up is so far gone. the place I inhabited went with me. the indiana of my youth was not this place. sure, the scenery’s mostly the same, and so are the faces, but I was somehow able to eke out some sense of civilization in a place I can find no traces of such now. this has truly been the most strange trip home. okay, gotta go.
I’ll be outta reach of email, but if anyone wants to give me a call on my cell, I’ll be around it.