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Monthly Archives: April 2001

sunday night, 11:45. wasted the day, should’ve done a lot of work, but instead, I wasted the entire day. just been thinking about how harsh and painful this semester has been. It’s been fun, though. A lot of bullshit to put up with, but also there’s been cool stuff that happened, too.
I’ve also been thinking about how funny nostalgia is, though. Like last year, I lived in this totally shitty apartment. the place was falling apart. but when I look back, probably my best memory of the place was waking up on a sunny sonday morning next to my “girlfriend” of the time, and remembering the beautiful glow that came through the windows. it was one of those things that just sticks in your mind.

goin’ to bed, I think. just got back from canters. well, more specificially after Jed and I left, we started driving around looking for neon crosses. I passed out somewhere in the middle of beverly hills. we found one. Jed was unsuccessful in finding more.
speaking of goth kids, I realized tonight that being all dark and “goth” is the one thing teens have to rebel with, because rock used to scare parents real good, and then it became institutionalized. the rock and roll hall of fame is the biggest sham ever. then punk sent em screamin again. but since punk died as a viable revolt, it’s become more and more popular in the mainstream. so now the only stuff that’ll scare parents is dumb heavy / brooding music of the night and the accompanying ethos. little do parents know that it is actually not socially dangerous. but boy does it make em nervous when they have to pass by them in the food court.

girls on my mind: karen, wonderful karen. Jenn, who I’ve liked for three years, although I only hung out with her second semester freshman year and this semester. Sarah back home, although I don’t have a crush on her.
and my beautiful, amazing friend kisha. damn her. she’s in london. and I’m not. I want her to buy me a west ham jersey (I think I want kanoute, since that’ll probably be cheap soon, seeing as there are bigger fish than west ham that want him), an arsenal shirt, and a now all but relegated Coventry. I think gordon strachan is really cool, thus his team (as doomed as they may be) is cool as well…
back to girls. milla, finnish chick I met a week ago. way cute and nice. don’t know much about her.

ain’t it funny that things I don’t even really have time to talk about with my friends I’d put up here for a whole bunch of strangers will see. funny, huh?


Satellite Show is ending soon. going somewhere, probably home. Songs in my head: Open the Gates (hammell on trial) Indian Summer (luna covering Beat Happening) mood? brain dead and sorta reeling.
y’know, I used to look at old emails to remember what was going on in the various eras of my life. now I’ll have this.
this is also the first “diary-a” that I’ve kept since I actually had the attention span to keep one for three months back when I was 15 and 16. pretty pivotal time in my life. I had a crush on anna, the older sister of a guy I knew from school. i really miss her. anyway…

okay, hey y’all. this is the boring part.
I swear I’ll have cool stuff to write about later.

woah, I wonder how many people draw a parallel between this and doogie howser’s stupid computer diary?

anyway, here’s the deal with me.
about to finish 3rd year of U So. Cal Architecture school.
from cincinnati, OH.
came here to get the hell out of the midwest and see more of the world.
it’s been a blast and has sucked alot at the same time…
I listen to good music.
Lookout! style pop punk
weird norwegian rock like turbonegro and gluecifer
rancid, op ivy,
old school american stuff
stooges, ramones etcetera.

If I ever ask you what kind of music you listen to, don’t say “oh, all kinds…” That’s liars bullshit. that means you listen to all kinds of pop. there is good pop, but that’s not all the music there is in the world.

go to
That’s where I am right now, my radio show…
listen to it.