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Monthly Archives: August 2005

Everybody please say a little prayer for the irreplacable “Bill From The Hill” who passed away on Saturday. This city just lost a truly great soul.

Here’s his obituary.

There were many people who knew you much better than my coworkers and I, but we’ll still miss you.

“It burns being broke,
It hurts to be heartbroken.
And always being both must be a drag.”

The Hold SteadyYour Little Hoodrat Friend

Yep, I really don’t want to be here today.
This place sucks, and I’m feeling pretty miserable about my life in general, as well.

Hanging out with the ex on Friday and Saturday was actually cool, casino, bowling, and art store raids.
Randomly running into the beautiful Laura – who I’ve always been quite taken by – was the high point of the weekend.
Watching my Aunt graduate yesterday was pretty cool. As was seeing Archie Griffin speak. My Aunt’s alma mater Ohio State’s campus is an uster-clay uck-fay, though…
Now can say I dislike the campus as much as I dislike their Reason For Existing… erm, football I mean.

Being the only single person at a very small all-couples party sucks.
Really sucks.
I’m sure there was no malice intended, but how did all three people (half of the rest of the guest list) intimately involved with the planning of the party miss that one?

“You must change your life
You are never ready.”

-Nicole Blackman

I’m tired of trying to justify my alcohol consumption while begrudging my father his. Also, I’m floored by the essential paradox of it all – being stuck here makes me feel like drinking. Drinking costs me money that should be going toward getting out. Catch 22, motherfucker. Time to put my foot down on myself.

The House That Ate Mount Adams is sucking my will to live, as is the fact that I can’t seem to get it together in alerting LA architecture firms to my existence. Each day feels a little further from where I am trying to be, and a little harder to make any progress in getting there. On both the project and the exit strategy.

I keep you updated, though. Ever the optimist, ‘m sure it will all work in the end. It just seems like it’s tougher for me – for many reasons in and out of my control – to get things done than most people. Maybe one of these days I’ll hit pace and find what and where I’m supposed to be.

Arrr Matey… Indeed…

Two years ago today, I found myself back in the midwest for a “temporary pit stop.” Two years was my limit… Here I am with no clear exit strategy… shit.

Drove 18 hours straight from Amarillo, TX, to my girlfriend’s house. How different my world was then.

Has it really been that long

This Makes Me Happy – Justice Is Sometimes Served.

Not only did they dispense with “historic” Hollywood Star Lanes – beloved for its 24 hour bowling, cheap drinks, and the fact that The Big Lebowski was filmed there; the LA Unified School District has now won the right to demolish the undeniably historic Ambassador Hotel, the greatest of the Golden Age Hollywood hotels. The Ambassador was the site of a famous Rat Pack hangout, the Cocoanut Grove, and was the hotel of choice of foreign dignitaries staying in LA. But most notably it was where Robert Kennedy was assasinated in 1968.

There are many sides to the argument, and you can’t really fault the LAUSD too much, but this is a sad day nonetheless.