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Monthly Archives: August 2002

okay, I think I’m coming down with something, and I need to move this weekend, which is why I won’t be able to make it up north. Sorry Mark, Dave, Rich et al. In other news, I am in the off-campus studio, so I won’t be seeing nearly as much of USC, and I’ll be tougher to find than before. Remember, you used to be able to go to Watt / Harris halls, and it was pretty much guaranteed I’d be there. but hey, the studio looks like it’ll be fun.

okay. oh, welcome back to school y’all, hope it doesn’t kill ya.

The midwest has been very calm, comforting, mentally productive, and storied. This has been one of my most needed and soothing breaks ever, and I think that is largely due to the fact that I haven’t felt the need to run all over four states; but rather kept myself to a couple little circles, between here and cincy, and here and louisville. Sure, there are many people who I’d have liked to have seen:

Shay (probably still in OK city – if not, still 4 hours away)
Julie (lafayette, maybe I can orchestrate a trip there…)
Dan May (same as Julie)
Anke (same again)
Anna A. (parts unknown – haven’t seen her in four (?) years, just been wondering how she is a lot)
Betsy F. (same as anna)
Sarah’s Mom (think I’ll call her)
Jaime C. (I know where she is, but I have no justification for calling her – we weren’t that close)
Jess (Missed her when she was in Cincy)
Jaime R. (Haven’t even made it to Indy)
Blair (parts unknown)
Teo Mental (Lafayette, I think…)
The list continues…

But I did at least see Kisha (many wonderful times), Sarah (coffeeshops and dvds), and the Retread boys – and they rocked the fucking house in L-ville.
Missed Black Cat Music, but they’re from the Bay, so hopefully I’ll have another chance soon.
Oh, y’all gotta check out The Streets: album’s an import right now, but it comes out domestically in October – and it rocks. I burned my dad’s copy. Great limeywhiteboy hip hop. Pure goodness.
Have thought of many great new ideas for beats and arrangements – crazy, more “the art of the process” stuff.
Saw Amelie again – god, that movie is so wonderful. I want an amelie, too.
Saw Render, the Ani DVD – three hours, outta five stars I’d give it 3 1/2. Not Bad, but not something you should run out and buy. Still worth it.
Read The HitchHiker’s Guide 6 part trilogy – still fucking brilliant.
Read “Violet & Claire” by Francesca Lia Block – Just like “weetzie bat” it’s pretty awesome.
Reading (30 pgs left) “The Name of the Rose” – Fucking righteous.
So, that’s it for now. I’ll try to post some more before I leave, but if not, back in lalaland on Saturday, and I’m bummed there’s no goddamn show. Thanks, guys.
And when I get back, awwwwww shit! It’s goin’ down. Lookin’ like I’ll be livin’ with Scott Payne, and our place will be insane. Scott Payne. Insane. Scott Payne. Ins… – oh, right. later.

Well, the lyrics are entirely too stupid to trouble you with, but it’s a doozy, I wrote it last night while sitting and watching an emo band play at one of my old coffeeshops. wreched, wreched experience. I think I successfully gathered all the cliches I’ve seen: tortured love, being a teen in love, love, growing up and falling in love, being sensitive and lovable, thinking you’re punk rock while being neither punk nor rock, holding hands, crying, sweaters and black rimmed glasses, getting beaten up by jocks, New Jersey, etc. all the stuff that makes my blood righteously boil.

“It’s punk rock – for whiners.”

still here, haven’t died, just sorta fallen off the face of the earth. I’m in that final push in studio before everything’s due monday for check off – everything’s really due tuesday 1 pm… and I’m not doing badly at this point… back to it.