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Monthly Archives: September 2002

Laced up tight
and good to go
morning after
still on a roll
nonstop sound
yo-yo on course
up and down
Rocking gently
rocking hard
to a vector
with the slide rule
no pocket protector
putting on the shades
cause the light
hurts your eyes
let’s give this party
one more go
before goodbyes.

ahem, ahem.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Yesterday I was a mere one of five – sharing an artists’ loft in downtown with four other architecture students. But that is all behind me. Today I address you all as a “proud” resident of 22nd street – which is the sign of my return to the bitter and enveloping flank of the University, from whence I have strayed for the last three and a half months. I am also, in my newly found liberty, a leasing tenant of an apartment in which I have my own wonderful and spacious room. Thuswise, in commemoration of this momentous occasion, I am announcing the celebration of a new period of festival, which will last for the rest of the entirety of this school semester. “Operation Get Duane Laid” will be a multi-faceted operation on many fronts, familiar and foreign, and is fairly well explained by the title. In other news, I need to do some work for studio. so go away.

And someone please call me and tell me what are the proverbial “happenings” on the SCene tonight. Between 2 pm and 6 pm, you will have to leave a message, due to my participation in a learning forum known as “class” – but beforehand or afterward, I am all ears. So, my friends, quite the development. sure, it’s one bedroom in a shitty one bedroom next to the freeway for $365 a month, and not a beautiful and spacious one bedroom in a two bedroom in silver lake for $340/mo, but it is an occasion, nonetheless. Rejoicing can now commenece.