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Monthly Archives: December 2005

$643.64 to get my car out of hock. I took the money out of my savings in hundreds so it was seven of something not seven hundred of something. Or even fourteen. Denying reality.

I’m remembering dreams lately. Strange and cool. Nothing worth describing, but it’s been years, so even that’s good.

I should get back to my schemes and machinations, though.

Chicago’s out.
I’ll be reading “How to see London on a Fucking Pittance”
LA’s set back about two months.
Drinking – over.
Eating Out – same.

Welcome to the real world, Duane.
I’m about to pay my major car repair bill.

was astounding. People treat me really well. Thank you all. Seriously, everyone got me amazing stuff, I’m touched. Thank you. News:

“Holiday greetings” to everyone. That’s that.
Reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett. Great book. Even though I’ve not made any progress since we’ve had these great Christmas toys to play with.
I think I’ll be going to one of the local redneck bars to read tonight. No peace in this house.
Other news: off last week and this one. Have to use vacation time sometime. Call me. Free all damn day every day.
Chicago for New Year’s, I think. Yapelli’s sweet ass beckons.
My yearly bonus is spent already. England in March to see my sister, Chuck, and my Uncle’s Fam. Funny, this week I am using my vacation only because I have to – and then turning around and using half of it the first quarter of next year.
And the other half will be used in July / August for the Carpenter / Winat union unless I can save enough to get outta this job before then.
Problem with that is I’m about to drop a large portion (I’m sure) of that savings on my car.
I was supposed to spend last week researching grad schools and available travel grants and shit. Spent it shopping and hanging out. Dumbass.

Anyway. I’m off. It’ll work out.