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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Short History of an Idea:

Mike Nolan, San Francisco 49ers coach, wanted to wear a suit on the sideline.
Was prohibited by the NFL’s “very lucrative” merch deal with Reebok.
This was at the same time as the NBA was classing-up their dress code.
No one seemed to connect the dots that these things were an opportunity for sports aparrel companies like Reebok to get into the business suit business.

I mean hypothetically, the typical teenage basketball fan has his first job interview, needs his first suit. Where do you think he’s going to go?
I mean, if he sees his favorite NBA players sporting the freshest cut by Reebok or adidas, that’s a huge selling point.
And they’ve already got the market penetration, distro apparatus, and general cache to get them into a ridiculous number of stores.
I could go on.

(Digression, even I’d buy an adidas suit – make it those track suit lines, only business ready, and I’m there)

 So now the prototype is about to debut.

I’ve got to find a way to shoe-horn in…

Now, this is a platform I could stand behind.

Oh, excuse me… Can stand behind…
Y’know… Since we won…

I was friends with this guy in college. Partied with him a few times, hung with him around the art school, and was the labtech in seemingly all of his photo classes. Hell, I still have one of his stickers on my artbin, and Jed and I spent one awesome late, late night photographing ourselves with one of his posters at random locations around the city.
And he’s made before I have. He’s not even an architect. WTF?

Let me present to you Buff Monster, Mr. Random von Notehouse…