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Monthly Archives: June 2001

So I’m back on wonderful Shrine Place, in the sunny North University Park ‘hood. it’s an incredibly quiet morning. It’s 11 am, I just got up a few minutes ago. should’ve called my boss this morning. but got up late. oh well, guess I needed the rest. I’ll call him after lunch.

In other news, now that we have my guitars, amp, and keyboard out here, and with his bass and guitars and shit; I think Jed and I are about set to start banging out a gank of little pop anthems (anthae?). That should be fun.

Hey Jess, I know it’s only been like six days, and you won’t see this for a couple more, but I miss you a whole fucking lot. Just thought I’d throw that out there, let it be known and all.

Okay, I am set to start mainlining across this vast desert. This is gonna be my last post before I hit LA Town, as I am on my way out the door. That’s all I have to say, for now. I’ll have a bunch when I get into town. See you all Wednesday.



Okee, Y’all

Unless someone has any severly important advice to impart as to why I should leave Saturday, I’m gonna stick around the midwest until Monday. Just a change of plans, so I thought I’d let everyone know.

Y’see, the reason is that I’m hopefully gonna hang out with Jess the next couple nights, and I wanna actually see my parents before I leave. ‘Cause I haven’t done much of that this break. Plus, that’ll give me more time to pack, and my mom gets up at some intensely stupid hour of the morning, and she’d be able to get me up and on my way… so I think it’s a plan.

I was gonna give some polemic about dumb rural Indiana drivers, and about how they’re always tailgating me late at night with their brights on when I’m doing 35 mph on my way home because every inch of the route is crawling with deer, and I’ve already hit or been hit by them twice in my years of driving out here, and barely avoided them and caused my car to need a premature brake job more times than I could count and because of these experiences my feelings for seeing the majestic white-tail in my headlights (something that happens at least once on every trip I make along that route after midnight) fall somewhere between mortal fear and boxer-soiling ecstasy, and how I see the blood on the road due to some fool in a white mid-eighties trailer park Trans Am doing what had to be seventy (judging by the dragged out splatter of deer blood and the badly mangled doe-corpse lying by the side of the road fifty or sixty feet from the start of the pool of blood) implying that the inbred yokel had to have been doing at least the aforementioned speed for the dumb animal to have been thrown that far at least three times a week, and how this really weirds me out and I can’t stand doing the kind of speeds that they wanna do, so I’m forced to pull off and let the asshole with the brights on pass me (when passing, no matter how far ahead I signal the turn, they almost rearend me, anyway) and go on his/her merry way to pick up the next shipment of biker crank for toothless joe down at the redneck bar, and it really pisses me off until I see them drunkenly conversing with the police officer and gazing with muted horror at the deer corpse and the corresponding damage done to their (certainly uninsured) car and I wonder how long it takes them living in a festering semi-rural community to realize that they really shouldn’t do that shit and they’re lucky that they were on their way there (and not back) lest the K-9 officer filing the report’s dog sniffed out the contraband and got them a free vacation at taxpayer expense in the Dearborn Co. jail; but I don’t think I have the energy to tell that story right now, so I’ll just leave it at these simple and well organized thoughts…

thanks for listening

and remember,

asleep in warm soft bed – GOOD
conversation with crew cut sporting officer of the law over the still warm remains of one of Indiana’s most majestic nuisances – BAD

Hey, yall’s!
Another night where I have not a whole lot to say, and I should go to bed… so I’ll keep it short.

Jess: thanks for hanging out with me again tonight, it was tres fun. I was gonna quote some cool Screeching Weasel lyrics to you, but I can’t remember them well enough, and I can’t find any damn site that actually has them…

Well, everyone. Turns out I didn’t get the job in Indy, and I have A-single lead in Cincy. If I can nail down this one, I’ll be here until I find out exactly what’s going on out there in terms of a real job. Concurrent to that, I’m also gonna start calling Austin out there, and David (my boss at the photo lab), see if they need me, or know anyone that might. If it goes well with either of them, I would be joining you in the LA megalopolis shortly. my folks laid down the ultimatum that I’d have to have a job secured there for them to fund the trip back out. I agree with them that it’d be dumb for me to go where I’d have to pay rent and the cost of living is high just to sit on my ass all day. Instead of sitting on my ass all day here, which would be incredibly cheaper…

So if anyone knows of anywhere that needs a photo Labtech, AutoCAD technician/draftsman, etc; or assistant sound guy, send me in their direction. or if I could get on with a temp agency or something.

The bummer flipside of going back out would be that I’d not get to hang with you as long, Jess. At this point, it’s all up in the air; and I TOTALLY don’t know what’s going on with – or what I’m gonna do with – my life… and the anxious and uncomfortable wait continues.

Oh shit, almost forgot to ask, Erik – does the Annex need people, ’cause that’d probably be a start… I could work full time for a while. I know that it’d be impossible for me to get those kinds of hours, but if I could find that (even -no, probably – part time) and something else part time it’d suffice.

So that’s what’s going on with me right now. Wish things were more definite, but hey, that’s how they stand; so I might as well deal with it as is.


love y’all


Just thought I’d remind everyone that I’m not dead. I am in a total holding pattern, though. Going up to Indy tomorrow for Joel’s bachelor party, sticking around until Saturday for the wedding. sad part is that I’ve never actually met the guy… it’s just that I’m friends with a bunch of his high school friends. Jed and Dan and all those guys.

but I’m having fun, can’t complain. Hung out with Jess again last night, I went over to her neighborhood (Florence, KY) and met her parents. after I had sufficient time to prove to them that their daughter wasn’t hanging out with a complete psycho, we went bowling, then to the airport, but there was nothing going on there. So we just went back to her parents place and talked until 2 in the morning. it was enjoyable. and that’s all that has gone on.

Muncie on saturday night was fucking surreal. if it weren’t almost 4am here, I’d go in depth. met some fucking CRAZY people. and of course, the retreads rocked out like a motherfucker, cause they know that that’s the only way to rock. I had a great time with mike and matt sunday, just bumming around, hanging out.

there’s a hex on muncie, IN. when some white settlers dug up an indian burial ground, chief munsee cast a curse that said that any white man who set foot on that ground was destined to die in muncie. I’ve been a lot of places in that city.

met Jess (girl I first met @ the buzz the night I got back) for coffee at sitwells tonight. hung out, talked for hours, wound up kissing as we were saying goodbye. it went like this: we hugged, long hug, all that, I went to touch her nose (hee hee!!!) and she grabbed my hand and held it, pulling us closer together. she said a couple seconds into it “Guess this is that awkward moment.” half another moment spent on hesitation. and we kissed. it was fucking perfect. I’m happier than a pig in shit right now.

she’s totally rad. and you know how I’ve always wished jodie foster were ******** (edited to avoid a libel suit) and 20 years younger? jess is 20, straight, and looks like jodie foster. she’s probably more fun, too. wow, I’m still reeling. this is really too awesome.

Ok, I forgot to mention that I THINK… that’s THINK… as in about 90% sure… that I got the job with XTEN out in LA. Shit’s really crazy with them, they just got profiled by a film crew from PBS for a documentary on young up-and-coming architects, three firms nationwide got picked and they’re one. Also, their latest project got an article done on it by Domus, the legendary Italian architecture mag. that’s MAJOR cred points. But they’re too busy with their current projects to make growth plans. Things are way crazy. So with all that they know they don’t have room for me until at least the end of the month. but Austin, the guy I know said that he’d call when they were ready for me. I guess (aka hope and pray for a miracle) that I’m in. shit, bet I just jinxed it. I really, REALLY wanna work for these guys.
anyway, I’m still trying to find out from the firm I worked for in Indy last summer if I can come back to them for 4 or 5 weeks. that’d be cool. I’d be surfing Sarah’s couch, but that’s an acceptable lifestyle, considering I’d be drawing a paycheck.
Oh yeah, I also had coffee and a wonderful time tonight with Jess, this girl I met @ the buzz the night I got back. she’s way cool, supercute (she looks like helen hunt, not that I have a thing for helen hunt, but she’s cute…) and really interesting to talk to. She also likes Ayn Rand. Major plus in my book.

time to go edify myself and read Umberto Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum.” Really cool thus far. Lotsa stuff on my mind, though. expect more from me after I get back from Muncie on Sunday. current topics of though: secret societies, luther blisett, randomness and geography, women, punk rock, and old crusty. ok. I’m off.

The city of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, near which I live is the second oldest town in Indiana, on a 1-10 scale of cool that comes in around 5 to me. It is also the home of three notable things.
First, the Argosy riverboat casino. not very impressive aside from the fact that it is the largest floating casino in the world. yeah, notable, but not very impressive.
It is also the home of another unimpressive thing, the municipal waste processing plant (sewage. yum!). As you can imagine, the place smells like um… shit. Boring and gross, but it’s part of the story.
The third thing is sorta cool. Lawrenceburg is home to the Seagrams distillery. You know, seagrams? bad gin, seagrams 7, all that average priced booze… Yeah, well they have a really cool looking turn of the century factory made up of multiple huge and imposing brick structures. These things (there are three or four readily visible from US 50) are all 150+ feet high, and about 250 ft. long and wide in plan, they have tiny windows, so they look like some industrial revolution Monolith. If you saw it, you’d think it was cool. [For those of you familiar with the Tate Gallery in London (an old power plant, now a modern art gallery) it’s sorta like that, only bigger and dirtier.] it’s neat. Oh, and the smell of the barley and wheat malting mixes with the odoriferous smell of the steam expelled from the distilling thingies themselves. It smells wonderful and hearty and really yummy.
So picture this. Here in our area, the wind blows from the west. The sewage plant is due south across US 50 from the seagrams distillery. Both are a little west of downtown Lawrenceburg. Since the city is in a river valley, the wind is a constant slight breeze, and these smells get carried quite well far into downtown Lawrenceburg.
But see, the funny thing is that due to the proximity of these two places to the city, if the wind is coming oh-so slightly from the northwest, the whole city smells like wonderful seagrams malted barley and wheat and all that. and if it’s coming just as oh-so slightly from the southeast, the whole city smells like human feces. And that’s the way it’s been since long before I was born.
So imagine walking out your door one day, and suddenly wanting a drink because of the really nice seagrams smell. And then a little later, walking out and wanting a drink because the sewage odor caused you to retch on your front lawn. It’s a strange, strange place I live in. And frankly, that’s one of the things that makes it fun.