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Monthly Archives: April 2003

no parallel here between politico-economic theory and the end of the semester crunch, but I do like putting it that way. it’s a bit pretentious.

This, however is more of a prayer to the wind / exhortation to myself.

Duane, you can do amazing things in short timespans. You’ve proven this almost every semester. Now you’re set up in a better spot for finishing than any of those other ten semesters. Don’t fuck this one up. You’ve got 270 hours, with only a few distractions. Please, please, I implore you, stay on track with this one. This is the final time you have to do this, make it count. To you there is only one goal right now, and at 6 pm May 11th you will have conquered. Please for once don’t let yourself down. Like Erik always says, “You are here to be magnificent.” Now go be that.

Did I mention that Hammell on Trial’s new album is coming out on Righteous Babe?
Rad, ain’t it?

Hey all you angelenos / californians – As you probably know, I am outta this shit around the end of May. Architecture school will be over, and I’m going to take a much needed multi-month exile / vacation back in Indiana. Yes, I will be back. But I don’t know when, could be a couple years… So if you wanna see me one last / more time, please get in contact with me soon, so we can plan for mayhem. That’s all, now to go sell my body to the night… er, to sell my body to finishing my Thesis Semester of Architecture school, rather.

From the Umberto Eco community. Thanks for the great post.

Two excerpts from an MSN / Newsweek article. ( )

“The toppling of Saddam Hussein’s statue was every bit as symbolic as the gleeful destruction of the Berlin Wall, something that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was quick to point out.”

and then the reporter, Andrew Nagorski chimes in with

“I’m certainly aware that these analogies shouldn’t be pushed too far. The regimes of the old Soviet empire collapsed under very different circumstances and for very different reasons. And Iraq obviously doesn’t have an already free, prosperous other half to reunite with as Germany did and, in a more limited sense, all Eastern Europeans do as they have become progressively more integrated with the rest of Europe.”

The level of propaganda and condescention in this article horrifies me so much that my commentary is reduced to the level of “how do they expect people to take this shit with a straight face?!?!?” so my further notes are going to be a comment appended to this thread.

Talking to my parents yesterday, I mentioned that I had a lot of fun at the Turbonegro show Thursday night. My mom said “who?” and that threw me for a loop. Anyone else who knows me these days gets to hear – at length – about my love for the band. This made me realize something.
My parents don’t really know me that well anymore. And furthermore, after thinking about the Duane that they knew, I realized that I think they’d actually really like me today. I’ve grown up alot. So I’m looking forward to this time I’m gonna be spending at home after graduation as an opportunity to get to know my family again. That’s all. Just a thought. Now, off to save the world.

He could have been the antidote to Nixon, he is a true American, a Veteran, and a Patriot (you should know how much I despise that term, but I use it here out of respect) who is unafraid to stand against the Dogs of War (during Vietnam and now), and with Sparky Anderson is one of the only two good things to ever come out of South Dakota. George McGovern is a good man, and he has some good things to say about our current situation. Which is why you should read this.

If that wasn’t the best live show I’ve ever seen,
it is certainly tied for first.

Too tired, and my ass is too sore to write more at this point, but… DAMN!

Twenty Six hours until I see Turbonegro. I am nigh on shitting myself in antici-
say it!
Say It!
-pation. And I realized earlier today that, through the radio station, I should have gotten set up to interview them. I don’t think I could make it through twenty minutes with Happy Tom or Euroboy without offering them some
Good Good Good Good Head!
But regardless, I think I could make a good interview of them… I’m sure it’s too late to try and set that up, though…

Jesus, in twenty six hours (plus opening band) I’m going to be watching pretty much the only reason I made it through the last three years.