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Monthly Archives: May 2003

Never show a winning hand. I’m planting the seed of their demise within their soil. and that’s cool.

“What is she going to prove by playing? It’s ridiculous,” said Singh, a two-time major champion who is No. 7 in the World Ranking. “She’s the best woman golfer in the world, and I want to emphasize ‘woman.’ We have our tour for men, and they have their tour. She’s taking a spot from someone in the field.”

read this, the last two thirds are good.

The “Arco Taco” at 22nd and Hoover is a little known delight of a taco stand in the USC area. If you ever go during the day and there’s an old guy behind the counter, know you’re gonna get an amazing cheap meal. But it’s good all the time. My recommendation is the Tacos Dorados al Pastor, three hardshell al pastor (an addictive mystery meat – some sort of spiced pork dealie) tacos with rice and beans. five bucks. but the clincher is that they, like many real taco stands have fresh Tamarindo and Horchata. The horchata is amazing, and at a buck seventy five for a large, you can’t have the perfect taco stand meal without it.

Poor shanghai’d and co-opted Colin Powell, this administrations whipping boy, set up to have to defend Bush’s lies.

“Before his meeting with Assad, Powell said clearing destructive weapons from the region is a long-standing U.S. goal, but now is not the time to address that matter.”

so then what was Iraq about?

I can’t believe they can get away with this. Separate but equal was thrown out years ago. Seventeen years old – six years younger than me, and still racist. What kind of world do we live in?

aah, European pagan / communist holidays. My boys at the University of Chicago had some fun at noon today. (wish I could find a link to a picture of the cool abstract sculpture there that casts a shadow in the shape of a hammer and sickle at noon on May Day). good stuff.

Otherwise, great link from slate, with the amusing title “George Walker Hoover” and the evidence to back up the claim…