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Monthly Archives: December 2002

So I spent the whole morning trying to print stuff out for my portfolio, and literally running from place to place, on campus and off. It was an exhausting sham. an insult to everything right and good in this world.

I was finally able to print it out, and get it in an hour late.

Got back to my house an hour later and UPS was delivering the one piece of my Dell order from way back that was delayed. What piece was that you wonder?

why, a printer of course.

I’m still here, not dead yet.
Although this world has tried.
Food poisoning last week, missed a final.
Had the makeup this morning at ten. Did okay.
Slept twelve hours last night.
Had a final last night at seven after final presentation. Did great.
Had final presentation yesterday at five, didn’t have a model.
Prof. said if I don’t have one by Thursday that I fail.
Doing that now.
So the sixty or so hours before my final presentation I was working.
No Sleep.
And that was after a whole day of sleep recovering from the food poisoning.
I hate life right now, nothing’s turning out as planned.
But I think I hit bottom yesterday, so it’s gotta get better.
And it will. Leaving Thursday afternoon.
Jed and I are going to drive back to Indiana.
Gonna try to go straight through.
Should be fun.
Love you all, and my new computer is very, very nice.


p.s. Don’t really leave, Disconcious, we’ll miss you.

was out talking to my friend Hong on the bridge between buildings, and across in Harris Hall, the figure drawing class had a nude model. beautiful. even through the dusty glass I could tell. wow. a little pick-me-up just when things were starting to drag.

Reminds me of one of the models we had in my freshman drawing class. Not physically, but just the sublime breathless inspiration that can come from trying to do justice to beauty.

46 hours to go. Miracles do happen, right?

Turn-in at 6 pm on Friday. Lotsa shit to do before then.

wish me luck, look me up on AOL IM…

Final project due in Thesis Prep class tomorrow.
It’s gonna be – for all intents and purposes – a manifesto.
Looking forward to writing it.
Using LOT/EK, Stan Allen, a bunch of Situationist stuff, Gandelsonas, a book by a new guy I’ve never heard of before – Guy Lafranchi – Looks amazing, Gnostic Architecture by Erik Owen Moss, and Enric Miralles. Stuff that’s gonna carry over from the midterm is the Tschumi, and some Koolhaas – Mutations. Maybe some others, as well.

This, to paraphrase Chris from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is going to be emotional.

Oh yeah, I’ll be in studio all night, so IM me if you wanna. bubblescum666.