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Monthly Archives: February 2005

I’ve had all this damn airmail paper sitting around for like ten years, from back when I went through my short wave radio phase. So everyone should drop your addresses in here (or email or IM them to me if you’re not quite cool with posting it even to a friends-only entry) so I can dispense with this stuff and send everyone some old school snail mail lovings…

what the fuck is there to say right now?

“Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die?”
“It Never Got Weird Enough for Me?”
“He Stomped Terra?”

No, I’ll not quote the man, instead I’ll just say all I can think right now, something that comes straight from my heart.

I knew nothing else could ever kill him.

Yapelli officially wins the “First Person to offer to Visit me in the Midwest besides Ian” award.

Send your congratulations to him, especially in the form of booze and sexual favors.

I might add that the close runner up (two days later in the span of a year and a half is a closely fought contest) goes to Derek.

I can’t think of anything to give him, but thanks man.