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Monthly Archives: September 2005

One of the strongest men in the NFL stands up.

Went to Chicago two weekends ago. Was amazing. My Kind Of Town.
Stayed with my roommate from college, Mark.
Felt rather refreshed to get out to a place with no obligations after an unending Deathmarch here in Cincy.
Many reasons for this. First, the furthest away I had even been in the last year and a half was Louisville. Or Columbus to visit family. Or Indy. All similar geographic distance away, all similarly provincial cities.
Well, it was the real Metropolitan feel that I’d been missing, and that I found awaiting me in Chicago.
Bars open until 5AM, an amazing pubtrans system, sheer mass of bodies, meeting girls on the street, forty story luxury condo towers in the most random places, Millenium Park – OH! Millenium Park.

Is this America or Haiti?

American Refugees.
The proverbial “Gangs of Armed Thugs.”
Infrastructural collapse.
We should enjoy our $4.00 lattes.
Man, it’s hot out there, turn on the AC.

Welcome to the Third World.