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Working on a neat little modernist house addition right now. Probably one of the more interesting projects I’ll ever get here, so I want to do it right…

“Skull” by Sebadoh on 97x right now, haven’t heard this song in probably five or six years.
nice. Sebadoh is a total remnant of a past life to me, it’s good to reconnect every once in a while with how it was to be sixteen and grasping for anything different you could get your hands on.

Shit, that makes me regret selling all my Guided By Voices so I could eat that one week I was really poor in college (yeah, that one week…). Not as bad as a friend of mine who sold fifty of his sixty KMFDM albums to afford a trip to San Francisco to see a girl. Then again, he’s not with her anymore, and he’s not a sad whiny industrial kid anymore, so I guess sometimes it does all come out in the wash, right?

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