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I doubt the ability of a government to achieve what the people actually need. But let’s hear it for dear Mayor Ken trying to change things with his “100 Spaces” program…

Might be effective, were it still around.

But meanwhile in London, squatting gets a more “respectable” spokesperson.

“When Katharine Hibbert lost her job and her flat she didn’t just downsize – she decided to dispense with money altogether, living on the stuff the rest of us throw away

Julie Mehretu mentions in her lecture that that the six scenes in Carvaggio’s Seven Works of Mercy have six different vanishing points. It is a creation of virtual space and is… a very beguiling painting.

This is beautiful origami by Satoshi Kamiya, and a great image composition and narrative.

In the meantime, to research the twin overlays of uprising and occult, I’m gone to Croatan.

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