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This image is ridiculous.

Working The Printer

Cell by cell printing of organs. Cool.
(from Livescience via NextNature)
Is this really the machine? I’m dubious. I’m sure there are plenty of small organs, but I can’t think of one of the important ones that would fit on that printer bed.

It also seems like you’d need a very sterile environment to print organs. If you don’t, should we be scared that someday there will be an organ-copymat? Like, “Oof, John, I really think my liver’s starting to go…” “Well Joe, you should really go to the ORGAN COPYMAT and have that reprinted.” Sure, it sounds like a Neal Stevenson premise, but is it science?

Where do they get their scientists? This guy looks like Zoolander’s little brother.

And all the copy on this thing seems to have all the same quotes and be substantially similar. Has anyone looked deeper into this article to find out if it’s just from the press release? Is this just a biotech startup’s attempt to generate buzz and get more funding?

I mean, the idea of printing organs – especially ones we haven’t seen before – sounds great, but I smell vaporware.

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