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The estate of jazz legend Chet Baker says these naughty music pirates have stolen $60 billion of music in Canada.

These awful meanies are costing the poor, exploited musician billions of dollars. And the artist’s noble protectors, the major labels need to shut these guys do-
Wait, what do you mean it’s the major labels doing the piracy?

The class action seeks the option of statutory damages for each infringement. At $20,000 per infringement, potential liability exceeds $60 billion.

These numbers may sound outrageous, yet they are based on the same rules that led the recording industry to claim a single file sharer is liable for millions in damages.

When I make a bed, I have to sleep in it. This case says everything there is to say about the major labels. They may claim to have the protection of the artist’s creative endeavors at heart, but all that matters is making money off the art, not the art itself.

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