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[The idea here reminded me of the title of one of my favorite Godspeed You! Black Emperor “songs.” Hence the title. Worth a listen, too.]

is Bldgblog doing what they do best, curating a set of ideas and relevant links to make a case – their conclusion is about the “dark maturity” of contemporary urbanism due to “Cities Gone Wild.” Worth a read, and probably worth clicking through the links, as well.

Biological metaphors have been oft used in the discourse of architecture and urbanism – and I think this cuts to the crux of that. In going wild: in exceeding the abilities of the teeming proletariat to break the stranglehold on capital that is exerted by the “overlords,” and in that same resource and commerce hegemony’s inability to fully enslave the proletariat and destroy dissent, the forces shaping our cities fight an ever more feverish battle, and our cities have metastasized.

I am optimistic about our chances, as a species. We’ve adapted to worse. My motive for this comparison is not cynicism. Our cities are not metabolic, our cities are not bone structures. The biological metaphor that most closely describes the current metropolis is – our cities have gone cancerous.

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