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Seizure Map 3

I tried for the longest time to keep from posting this, since it’s a bit close to my investigation of the architecture of “the moment before…” But I really cannot get over how good the level of analysis is, so I have to share.

This is the Ictal Project by artist Gus Cummins. It is “an attempt to address (the artist’s) epilepsy and its associated stigma, through art.”

The clarity and cohesion of the analysis of the experience used as the raw material for the art is powerful. The seizure maps (shown above) are really incredible. The extra step of not just making digital plots or digital image files of these, but putting them on canvas is an extra level of artistic resonance that makes them even more meaningful.

It’s understandable that the aesthetic of the work is at a bit of a remove from the intensity of the experience, since this is the artist’s life, less easily objectified and stylized, but nothing assails the level of quality of the analysis.

This is not art about epilepsy, but the art of epilepsy. By harnessing the unconscious harshness of the ictal, it has a power to evoke and transform that bridges any remove that may exist.

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