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Another “wetware” breakthrough, at University of Washington they are making appreciable strides toward contact lens encapsulated heads-up displays.

Examples include subtitles when conversing with a foreign-language speaker, directions in unfamiliar territory and captioned photographs. The lens could also serve as a head-up display for pilots or gamers.

It reminds me though… these things harvest power via induction from radio waves – or the researchers suggest, from the cell phone (read – minicomputer) that it gets its data from. Tesla had proven the value of inductive power transfer long before most of even the US had domestic power whatsoever. Imagine if his ideas had won, rather than Edison’s. What would our world look like?


In other news, I am really enjoying the copy of Communicating Vessels that I was finally able to procure. I am about to start in on Bernard Cache’s Earth Moves, as well.
I have had successful trips to Lavender Hill to collect data and materials on the last two days. And I think I will go there AND Air Street today to read before I head to school.
But while studio is closed and I’m shut away from my supplies for the wild art I am attempting to create (more on that later), I am going to finish off the day out with the University’s fine collection of Rebecca Horn.

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