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A play on “Dead Advertising,” or “De-Advertising,” the documentation of blank and broken signage and billboards is not commentary per se, but exploration. Deadvertising is an observation of the economics and phenomenology of billboards which have “gone to seed,” not a mere celebration of their obviation or detournment. These non / objects are reflective of our human and late-capitalist world views and its contradictions. They exist in the liminal space between being and non-being, meaning and non-meaning, between defacement and reclamation. They are pornographic, they are pastoral. They are advertising and its inverse, they are spaces of indeterminacy, incongruity, and possibility.


Please do me a huge favor and check out this photo gallery. I would like input on which of these lovely images I should submit for LOG Magazine’s postcard contest. The deadline is the 15th, and I’ll be taking suggestions until the 14th – so vote by leaving a comment on the ones you like. Vote early, vote often, and while you’re at it read the description above which will be sent along with my entry(ies).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Click here to view.

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