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In my post of a few days ago, The Case Against The Pritzker – The Rare Case FOR Architects, I wrote a sentence with the rather unwieldy construction…

“So we need to foment a movement wherein architects are not disposable in the construction process, and can set the agenda of fairness and sustainability in construction and the conceptualization of the edification of the expressions of modern capital called buildings.”

In case you were turned off by the overwrought phrasing, I am sorry, it was written in haste. Here’s what I meant.
Modern capital is expressed in many ways: in systems, industries, and ideas. One of those expressions is a building, which is shaped by the market forces that bring it into being. In addition to the actual building (edification) of buildings, a very important part of the process is the conceptualization of how they will be constructed. Architects doing their duty are not just a means to making constructions, but also in determining what is the right thing to build, where, and when, etc. We are a channel of those market forces. And it is within our power and should be within our duty to ensure that this is fairly and sustainably done.

I bring this up because I don’t want one poorly constructed idea to be a barrier to getting your input on an issue I think is rather important, and that I am disappointed that my haste may have been a barrier to your feeling free to respond. Now, world – have your say.

Thanks for listening. again.

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