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Nicolai Ouroussoff finally jumps into the fray.

When Santiago Calatrava unveiled his design for a luminous glass-and-steel transportation hub for ground zero in January 2004, government officials touted it as a 21st-century version of Grand Central Terminal — one of the few bright spots in a development plan crippled by politics, petty self-interests and the weight of the site’s history.

We should have known better.

Populist outrage at the excesses of the “elites” is the fashion today. But reference my comments regarding Nicolai Ouroussoff months ago. I am excited by what it means for architectural criticism that he feels he can finally come out of the underbrush and shell someone’s bloated and ridiculous post-9/11 monstrosity.

Like the old saying, it couldn’t have happened to a better project.

In other Ground Zero news, this hollow shell of a non-project is not the only thing being gutted. So is the square footage.

The takeaway? Design these

Thanks Inhabitat

Thanks Inhabitat

They’ll mangle them until they get these
Thanks Architectural Record

Thanks Architectural Record

And seven and a half years after the most significant “act of urban planning” in since World War 2, the Bush and Giuliani/ Bloomberg genius has brought us… this.
Thanks Gothamist

Thanks Gothamist

It is empty, and they want to replace it with emptiness.

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  1. It was fun until the money ran out… On the subject of Ouroussoff’s critique: suddenly seeming too common in this blog, here’s another decent piece of his from February.

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