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In the last 24 hours I have paid off my computer and filed a statement of intent to register with UCLA. And hopefully soon I will be paying off my most abused credit card.

The wheels are turning, turning.

Today is Earth Day. Good.

That’s all you’ll get out of me on Earth Day. If our whole society weren’t acting like children who don’t understand that if you eat the whole cake you’ll eventually crash from the sugar high, there wouldn’t be we wouldn’t need an Earth Day.


  1. UCLA? What about London??? I’m sure either one is a good school, so you’ll do well wherever you end up, but London sounds like a whole lot more fun. Aaaand, of course the selfish part of me wants another friend in Europe. Congrats, either way.

    • UCLA is the backup plan.

      London is definitely the primary plan, no question. But just in case, I had to register for UCLA by the 22nd.

      Wow, we need to catch up. I’d see you on iChat, but I’ve been so busy lately (with work, at work – after I got laid off – ha ha ha ha) that I haven’t had time to log on and say hello.

      So I’ll make sure to talk to you soon, take care!

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