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The internet is stale. The whole damn thing. Dry as a bone.
Nothing new has happened in quite some time. Years. And these feel like the doldrums before a big storm.

So I’m pulling up stakes with the current mode in preparation for something new, which feels inevitable.

What that means is that I will be keeping up my flickr and no matter how trifling what I have to say is – even if it’s just a link – I’ll be making a concerted effort to update here on my “blog” daily. And that’s about it.

The internet has lost the spark of the new, the feeling of outlaw territory that used to be ubiquitous, and until it has something good to say, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines.

Email me your address if you want me to write you a letter.

One Comment

  1. So much for updating daily: Day four of no posts and counting.

    Okay, going for a run…

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