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In this case, the discontented is me.

You see, Fordism works like this. Imagine a big game of economic musical chairs. Since the population of players is increasing, the number of chairs must continually increase by a more-or-less similar number.

So – the number of players and the number of chairs increase in a +/- linear fashion. The ghost of Adam Smith is playing music, and that’s the growing economy. But at some point (usually never noticed until it’s past) the number of chairs stops increasing.

Then, to “create new opportunities” or just to keep everyone on their toes, Smitty stops the music. Everyone scrambles for the available seats in a Malthusian rush.

And sometimes, someone’s spread too thin – is so busy dancing to the ghastly music of Adam Smith that they are caught unawares by the stopped music. Liabilities in the wind and leveraged to the hilt, they stand and realize that there are no seats left.

In this case, the discontented is me. I am a statistic. A dot on a chart in Milton Friedman’s Powerpoint presentation. I am soon to be unemployed.

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