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I ran every version of Photoshop from 3 to CS2. I’ve got pretty high standards for image manipulation. Adobe is one of the good guys (in relative terms) in the realm of information freedom. I am currently putting together a graduate school portfolio with the GIMP – the Gnu Image Manipulation Program.

And I must admit that this open source Photoshop alternative is … is excellent. If you can’t afford the cost of entry for Adobe’s product, don’t rip them off by bootlegging their software, use the completely free and open source GIMP instead. You can even do as I have and lay out the key commands to match Photoshop. So bring out the GIMP and have more power than you need unless you’re literally a professional. And even then, the GIMP might do you right!


In other news, the aforementioned portfolio is almost done, and will be uploaded to my website when it’s done. Until then, go check out preliminary versions of a couple old school projects of mine, the Archaeological Research Institute and the Community Design Studio. They still look pretty good six or seven years later.

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