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This “small” turbine looks so simple, but the possibilities are actually tremendous.

It is a hydrokinetic water mill; and as a company representative says, using just the natural flow of the stream, one this size generates 2.5% of the power of the larger hydroelectric dam site upon which it is housed. So without having to look at the numbers, we know that the magnitude is significant, considering the form factor.

Imagine this thing on a micro scale – with a 18″ throat and a handle on top, not being held up by a crane like this one… As a self contained unit, it would be incredibly simple to pack into inaccessible areas and provide power to completely off the grid sites.

Homesteaders would be able to rely on only ol’ man river for their power. Humanitarian groups would be able to have long and sustained presence in the most remote jungle or mountain areas, and because it is self-contained, it would be easily relocatable by explorers, etc who need the ability to both generate relatively large amounts of power and pack up and move overnight.

Why so I see such potential here? It’s portable. It would work regardless of solar exposure. It harnesses a very elemental natural process. The sleek form and lack of moving parts mean that this is a reliable device. Simplicity and sturdiness are the most effective qualities in a “technology” that is successful under adverse circumstances.

Just add water and the applications are limitless. And when I build my mountain compound (muahh ha ha ha ha!) hopefully I’ll have my own hydrokinetic water mill.

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