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[This is a quick review of Felicity D. Scott’s amazing Ant Farm: Living Archive 7 from my goodreads account. They have recently added a great little feature wherein I can “blog my review,” so let’s see how it works…]

Living Archive 7 Ant Farm: Living Archive 7 by Felicity Scott

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have long known of Ant Farm, and had cursory knowledge of their major works – but what I did not realize is that their work was so seminal and prescient. Somewhere in the gestalt of

– Concerns over car culture and fossil fuel dependence
– Inflatable “architecture” as an immediatist response to edification as hegemony
– McLuhan influenced video exploration and documentation
– Critique of consumerist culture
– Antispectacular critique

they lived for a decade or so. Highlighting the extremely fertile and meaningful cross pollination of the ideas above and more, Felicity D. Scott makes a powerful case against the previous disinclusion of Ant Farm from the canons of both art and architecture. For anyone interested in visionary architecture and art or in media commentary; if Ant Farm is not the definitive source of any ideas, they are worth reading and attempting to understand because they blended so many facets with such fruitful results.

This book is a joy to read, and what you get out of it, you won’t find anywhere else.

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Edit: Here’s a sampling of the primary sources… Because the only thing better than classic cars and burning televisions is driving a detourned classic car through a wall of burning televisions.

Ant Farm’s Media Burn

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